Corporate Finance



Studio BRC Associati gives assistance to companies of any size and economic sector, aiming at the optimisation of their financial structure and at finding the most suitable resources for their development or new investments. We provide the necessary advice to verify the eligibility of companies to fundings’ requirements.

Main activities:

  • Financial strategy planning, diagnosis and check of corporate’s financial structure;
  • Development of financial and sustainability plans and return of investments;
  • Assistance in the management and provision of financial flows;
  • Consultancy for the obtainment of credit limits and financings from credit institutions;
  • Consultancy for the improvement of corporate rating;
  • Improvement of relationships with banks and credit rating;
  • Assistance in the obtainment of tax incentives addressed to specific investment programmes;
  • Access to alternative financing instruments such as mini-bonds, participatory loans, etc.;
  • Crowdfunding;
  • Company evaluation and Fairness opinion;
  • Feasibility studies about integration or restructuring processes and/or development plans;
  • Authentication of financial plans concerning project financing operations;
  • Management of merge & acquisition processes;
  • Creation of start-ups, joint-ventures, spin-offs.