DOTT. ENRICO BRANDOLIN - Associate


The complexity and ongoing evolution of the current competition environment request the systemic and systematic monitoring of the company inner management and of the external market.

In view of this, during their growing and development processes, entrepreneurs can be supported in  the Management Control.

The Management Control is a set of instruments and financial/economic-statistic techniques aimed at detecting the correspondence between the company management and the efficiency, economy and continuous improvement objectives set during the planning phase.

The added value of a correct Management Control system is represented by a prompt and qualified communication with the company's administrators about economic, operational and financial management, and SWOT analysis. The verification of the management through the analysis of variances, allows the drafting of short time goals and the adoption of corrective measures.

Studio BRC Associati offers the following activities related to the Management Control:  

  • Balance analysis
  • Business Plan
  • Budgeting
  • Analysis of products
  • Analysis of turnover and periodicity
  • Determination of cost per hour
  • Determination of cost per order
  • Determination of cost per production activity
  • Specific analysis for transport companies and farms
  • Financial planning
  • Preparation of rewarding systems for employees, collaborators and agents
  • Evaluation of company and single investments